Festival of digital arts and culture, 28—30. 8. 2020, Bratislava Festival
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28–30. 8. 2020

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Vuk Ćosić

Artist & Hacker (SI)

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Vuk Ćosić is one of the original Net.artists who has been active, exhibited and published since 1994, and also a co-founder of Nettime, Syndicate, 7-11 and the Ljubljana Digital Medialab - international forums for internet criticism, theory and art. This curious artist with balkan roots is a one-of-a-kind "hacker of ideas". His constantly evolving oeuvre is characterized by an interesting mix of philosophical, political, and conceptual network-related issues on the one hand, and an innovative feeling for contemporary urban and underground aesthetics on the other.

Ćosić became deeply interested in ASCII code during a long period of research (1996–2001) of low-tech aesthetics, the economy, ecology and archaeology of the media. The most notable venues of his exhibitions, among many others, include Videotage, Hong Kong; Media Artlab, Tel Aviv; Venice Biennial; MIT Medialab; Walker Center, Minneapolis; Postmasters, NYC; Kunsthalle, Vienna; LAMoCA, Los Angeles; ICA, London and Beaubourg, Paris.

Experience Vuk's talk at the Sensorium Stage!



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