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Performance: Ata Kak

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The story of Ata Kak started sometime around 1994 and it is a perfect example of how the power of the internet can lead to a (re)discovery of almost completely overlooked treasures. In the early 90s, Yaw Atta-Owusu a.k.a. Ata Kak and his bizarre mix of hip-house lo-fi rap and pop got his 15 minutes of fame in his homeland of Ghana - but the rest of the world didn’t hear about him at all. That was until Brian Schimkowitz, an American musicologist from the legendary label Awesome Tapes From Africa, had tracked him through his son’s grandmother’s niece’s uncle’s father’s hamster. Long story short, Schimkowitz discovered his tape named Obaa Sima at a street market in Ghana, but it took him another 6 years to actually find out who the artist is - Ata was living well hidden in the world outside the internet. After that, the Obaa Sima got re-released and became one of the best albums of the decade, selling thousands of copies. Ata Kak is now one of the most sought after African artists and plays his concerts at the festivals from Australia, through USA to Europe. Thanks to the internet, his music gained massive recognition - merely two decades after its original release.

Probably the most valuable component of his music production is a total spontaneity and a very congenial naivety - in the best possible meanings of these words. Obaa Sima sounds like it was created for Ata’s own joy and doesn’t bear the obligation of falling into any specific music genre, style or era. Ata is 100% himself and that’s especially true during his live performances - the FACTmag even made a beautiful document about this.

Ata Kak will perform with a full band in Slovak premier as a part of Sensorium Beyond The Sound on Friday 28. 08. from 22:00 in Fuga.


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